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Album: HellRaiser E.P. (2012)

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Song: Broken Bones

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Stag-Nation is a punk rock/rock n roll band from North East, Pennsylvania primaraly the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, whose sound can be described as fast n loud. Influenced by artists such as discharge, motorhead, choas uk, the Ejected, the Varukers, etc. stag-nation unleashes a fierce fury of loud furious noise exemplified in the early traditional 1982 punk rock sound. The band started in the summer of 2010 in Plymouth, PA playing in a bed room in drummer mike stone's home. Mike Klug, working on songs to be used for other projects that had abruptly failed, would begin playing with m. stone on the weekends playing mostly covers and riffs that would later become tracks on their debut 2012 "Annihilation e.p." Stag-nation would go through two bass players (Mike "Stix" Hakett n Joe Pizzolo) before finding a permanent body to man the bass for the band. This man is Ian Dunley. Ian joined the band in mid 2011 during rough time for the band. Stix had been excluded from the band and joe had lived to far away to even think about getting practices in. So mike stone n klug looked twords Ian for the position on the bass. After a year of practicing stag-nation would release 2 e.p.s in the same year (2012), The Annihilation e.p. and Hellraiser e.p. Both witch sound like punk rock music exemplified in the 82' fashion. Thus far these are the only recordings of the band available to the public.